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Below are the guidelines your pet should recieve for proper care.

K-9 Basics

PROFESSIONAL GROOMING BASICS Although the exterior benefits of dog grooming are instantly noticed in a dog's enhanced appearance, professional grooming offers additional health benefits for your pet. Consider that your professional groomer not only bathes and styles your pet's hair, your groomer also de-sheds and/or de-mats hair, trims nails and cleans ears. Your groomer is often the first line of defense in awareness of important health issues. Ear infections, dental problems, growths, parasites, skin and coat needs, are a few examples of potential problems about which you may not have been aware. The team at K-9 Hairstyles is observant and will point out anything out of the ordinary. They will let you know if your vet should be consulted. Believe it or not, grooming can be an experience many dogs not only tolerate, but thoroughly enjoy. A groomer's gentle disposition and techniques, coupled with regularly scheduled appointments, work together to increase your dog's ability to relax and enjoy the messages, brushing and attention. Professional grooming includes the following five grooming basics:

1. HAIR BRUSHING Brushing to prevent tangles and matting may be an obvious reason to brush medium to long haired dogs, but brushing is also important for double coated dogs as well. Double coated dogs like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Shetland Sheepdogs have an under coat which thickens in the winter months to keep them warm and thins out in the summer months to keep them cool, but, if a dog's undercoat is not brushed on a regular basis, new growth is not allowed to come in properly and the coat begins to mat. The coat becoming wet, whether due to bathing or outside conditions, tends to tighten this matting. It doesn't allow air flow to the skin and ceases to protect the dog from the elements. If the matting does become wet, the hair does not dry properly. This opens the skin up to a moisture, which can lead to skin conditions, scratching, and vet bills. Shaving a double coated dog is an option but careful consideration should be made. If clipped down short, double coated dogs grow the undercoat back with no problem, sometimes thicker than before, but the outer guard hairs sometimes are crowded out and do not grow back evenly. This results in a patchy, un uniform coat. Brushing, however, is a win, win situation, it will prevent the undercoat from becoming matted and will keep your dog's coat in the best condition. Regardless of hair type, most dogs enjoy gentle hair brushing. The brushing helps stimulate their skin, promotes underlying circulation, releases dander and helps prevent dandruff. When using a slicker wire brush to manage undercoat or knots, be sure to lift away from the skin as to prevent scratching the skin. Rubber curries and mits are ideal for the short haired dogs. They usually love the massage and a circular motion releases much shedding hair. To finish, slick down the coat with a damp towel. Although brushing is important to all breeds, the frequency may differ. ) Long haired dogs - brush every day to prevent matting and tangles ) Medium haired dogs- brush once or twice a week, as needed ) Short haired dogs - brush once a week or as needed At K-9 Hairstyles, dogs that have undercoats will be brushed out and combed through prior to bathing, long hairs with matting and tangles will be dematted or clipped. If matting and tangling is too tight or the dog is too sensitive to detangle safely, shaving is the only option. This will be discussed in the initial consultation as will the cost of dematting and combout. There is an hourly fee for combing.

2. NAIL TRIMMING Nails are trimmed and or filed during each grooming visit. Nail growth and the need for trimming varies with each individual, It depends on their activity level, their weight, even the kinds of surfaces they walk on. The team at K-9 Hairstyles encourages owners to start nail trimming on their puppies early and on a regular basis so they become used to the routine. If nails are unusually sharp or there appears to be a need between grooming, owners are encouraged to stop in between appointments.

3. BATHING Frequency of bathing is also determined by the individual. Some dogs, especially the hound breeds, need bathing as frequently as weekly. Active dogs that have the freedom to romp and play out doors come indoors to be close and personal with their owners, these dogs tend to need frequent bathes. Once a month tends to be an average and a months time gives hair and nails time to grow. Choose a length of time between bathing that suits your dogs' needs. The great variety of shampoos available makes drying out the coat a thing of the past. K-9 Hairstyles uses a good basic shampoo with no additives or fragrance that has been successful for 35 years. Oatmeal and hypoallergenic is also available. Owners having a preference or medical requirement are welcome to bring their shampoo. A conditioner is applied after shampooing. This helps moisturize the coat and skin, and keeps the static electricity in check.

4. EAR CARE Your dogs' ear health is unique to your dog and the breed. Some dogs have no issues whatsoever, while others have continuous problems. K-9 Hairstyles will pluck the hair from the ear canal and swab them clean. Please relay any instructions the veterinarian may have given in regard to ear care. Cotton is frequently inserted prior to bathing and medicines can be applied after.

5. HAIRCUTS Average time between haircuts is four to six weeks. This maintains a particular style and aids in keeping eye and private parts clear and clean. At K-9 Hairstyles, dogs are given breed specific hair styles and finished with a fine scissor cut. Regarding hair styling preferences it may be wise to consult with one of the team to find a style practical for your maintenance ability, lifestyle and aesthetic appeal.


GROOM - Hair brushed, de-matted, de-tangled, under coat removed Hair shaped, trimmed Nails trimmed & filed Ears cleaned Bath with massage, shampoo & conditioner Gentle no-heat-fan blow-dry Re-brush & haircut Bow or bandana Perfume finish

COMBOUT & BATH - Dogs coming in for a regularly scheduled grooming appointment are welcome to return midway for a brush-out and bath. Eyes and privates are checked for stray hair. Ears and nails are checked as well. Dogs return home clean, tangle free, with a fresh bow or bandana, as well as a spritz of perfume. This is normally half the price of a complete grooming,

NAIL TRIMS - Nail trims can be accommodated on a walk in basis. Near closing time, please call ahead. Cost is 10.00.